Dayo M Adesuyi (Author)

I walk by shepherds

Not knowing

I’m a sheep

…when I wake

I dream dreams

Unbeknownst to me I’m sleep.

I’m alive

Yet I’m asleep

9 to 5

Is my life

Yet I proclaim that I’m so deep


In my heart I wanna feast

I wanna

Do more than eat

I wanna cook

Tired of being the ending in the book.

I’ve been rook

When will I stand like king

besides me is a queen

What can I do to heal her broken wing?

Can I rise again?

I’ve been a slave

But can I rise like tide again

Can I put down getting high again

So that our family can rise again


…I’m asleep

Unbeknownst to me I sleep

I think that I’m so deep

When I wake

All I want to do is sleep


In my heart I want to be a king

But it feels like I can only do that when I dream


In my mind I’m still a slave

King for me feels so far away

I’m expected to be misdirected

And misdirectedly I walk


So why are u surprised

That u see my outline

As u walk.