Longevity Luv

I c u curve

My eyes flip

Inside my mind

Know yat I mean


I mean

Ya like what I see

…wont u rewind that walk

On da slow


I’m single

So no keepin on a low


We can keep it on the eye

Eye see u

U see me

Y don’t u bring dest to me

…dest to me

U know yat I say

 I like how u say everything


I like how u say everythang!

Won’t u keep on talkin’

Won’t u keep on touchin’

But don’t quiz me

I hear u sayin’ somethin’

But please forgive me

U know my mind be runnin’

I’m thinking about cherries on top

…I’m thinkin’ about if London bridges were fallin’

How we all fall down

I mean,

I am a king

And u are a queen

We might as well do

What kings and queens do…

…and i do…

i do want our great, greats

To understand

That there is a grandness

To that longevity love.

Da Buckler

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