What is Disability

No self-imposed


No self-imposed


…the world told

Me I was disabled

Ur feet don’t move

Ur eyes don’t see

Ur breath don’t breathe

without assistance…

But I am not what u say

…I am not what U say

U got so many

Wanna legalize indulgences

But me,

I just wanna legalize my mind

I wanna stand up to the rhetoric

That missing something visible

Means that I am a half

Or even less…

I am not half

Or even less

All my life I’ve been left behind

Listening to others say

“Follow me”

But I don’t wanna continue to

Follow thee

Off the cliff of insanity

I am not insane

I am not retarded

Just because my mouth moves slow

I am not incapable

Just because my mind moves slow

I am not inferior

Just because I am missing something u have

U also miss something I have…

…Do you have my tenacity

Do you have my elasticity?

For whether the rain falls or the sun shines

The wind blows or takes off

I am not so easily moved like thee

I feel like u can’t feel

I taste like u can’t taste

I enjoy the finer things

The things u miss

Are enrichment to the

Depths of me

…I am not disabled

I am strong

I am able!

…there are a lot of people

Fighting to legalize their indulgences

But I just wanna legalize my mind

No more restrictions

No more limitations

…I am not the blind

…I am not the deaf

…I am not the crippled

…I am not the lame

I am real

I exist…


Serene sounds abundant

Music playin’ in my ears

And I love it

A million people around me think I’m fragile

They don’t know how agile

My senses are

U see the car

I hear the wheels spinning

Ur moved by her visual fancies

But I’m moved by her intrinsic nature

I make love to her inner

Until her outer

Makes her shout louder

…I make her rise to the game

Claps hands together, talcom powder

I am the 23

Of the sensory realm

I know biology

I’ve mastered physics

Could have been a doctor

…but I lost years of my life

Waiting for u to reasonably accommodate me

Accomodations please!

When I enter the room

Claps hands together, talcom powder

I am the 23 of the sensory realm

I know computer programming

I’ve mastered biology

Could have been an Olympic swimmer

But I lost years of my life

Letting u relegate me to the

Special table

Not that the special table isn’t appreciated

But I let U designate me to the corner

When I am not made for the corner

I was made to shine

Were U scared that I would beat U?

I know no one wants to be beat by someone



But, I am not inferior

I got game

Taclom powder,

Claps hands together

They see me walking down the street

Clapping my hands together

White powder in my hand

Shades on my eyes

Special shoes on my feet

They think I’m funny looking

Perhaps crazy

Perhaps blind and crazy

No I’m pumping myself up

Getting ready for the game

‘Bout to go up in this place

And tell ‘em

Who I t-i-s


Spoken Word

(c) LP Volume II

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