Ingenuity (Word Flow)

Lady love the way u sing sometime won’t you bring me kisses of your melody in my ear I am ready I know you are too you are so phenomenal in the voice I was brought up to like women for the way they curve that’s how tv told me to judge but I am finding that curves while stimulating to the eye sometimes lie as underneath dresses skirts thongs and all other toppings there may only be painted bronze.

I’m not saying u don’t stimulate for when I look at u I do see beauty what I’m saying is that I’ve learned that beauty lies in my eye as I behold it while beauty underneath truthfully stimulates my mind to the point where my eye can’t hold it your beauty is too much stimuli I just have to close my eyes sometimes so that I am not overwhelmed for your presence just really amazes me.

I love the way you are and I hope you never stop singing u sound so lovely

U are so lovely

If you touch me I might cut this rock underneath my shoe and anoint your finger with my hand created diamond please don’t judge this rock it may be only stone but I promise that it does more than symbolize what I want from u it represents my passion to engineer nuity

It symbolizes your ingenuity.

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