You Are All I Need

I love

The sweet sounds

Of hymns

From my momma’s days

From my grandmomma’s days

don’t get me wrong

I love new sound

But it’s that old sound

That stirs

Up tears

That I didn’t know existed

It’s these songs

That have me on my knees now

…I can feel the soul

Inside the words

The pain

Inside the chords

The strength inside

The note

The fight

Inside the reaching of the lungs

As the singer pours out


Sweeter than the instrument behind her

…oh yes

I need you

I can feel the singer’s passion

I can feel the need he has supplied

He has covered up her sorrow

She is singing

For the cancer

That is trying to take her life

She is singing

For her son

Who spends his days

Smoking crack

She is singing

For her daughter

Who is sixteen and pregnant

She is singing

For the turmoil on her job

I don’t want her to stop

I am in a valley oh

I am in a valley lo

Don’t know where up is

Don’t know where home is

Don’t know where love is

I’ve found sin

And its wages are hard

But, Oh Lord

The word says you are terrible

And I am searching for the faith to believe it

I’m reaching for the faith to believe it

I can see it in the spirit realm and now

I believe it

Oh Lord,


only you

only you, have the ability to,

Terrify what makes me weak

Terrify it

Terrify the weakness inside of me

So, I can be formidable

Lord, make me formidable

Help me to be formidable

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