My Cistern

In da beginni


My God cre


a place for love to flow in


I am gatekeeper.


U r my cistern.

Sweet lady

I am captivated

By the stuff that makes u captivating

Is that simple enough?

Or do I have to explain it?

You said explain it, see

Before u

I was just drainage, period


I was like acreage

Without a seed

Or farmer

Just mud.

I was like, like –

Where in like is there love,

And how is there love

When all there is is like?


I was likin’


I was lovin’

But I was only crushin’


Over nothin’

Before, u I was frontin’

I was cleavin’ with some other pumpkin’s

Put us together

We were patchin’.


But me and u is different

We are cleavage.

& I like to cleave u

The see through?

That’s only for me…

And I don’t mind that way of seeing u

…teasing ?

That’s only for u

And I don’t mind serening u

…whether massage

Words of poetry

…or just some time for cuddlin’

I am what it is

U wanted.

And U are

What it is

That excites me.

U r a lovely cistern.

From – LP Volume II

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